What is iTong? What can it do?
iTong is a small, safe and friendly management software for both jailed and jailbroken iOS devices.
iTong can help you scan/import local mp3/movies/books/ringtones and easily sync them to your device.
With iTong you gain total control of iOS file system and use your device as an USB Portable Disk.
Add/Delete/Search files just like under Windows, but in a more handy and friendly way.
What devices does iTong support now?
iTong now supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
iTong can't detect my device after connection?
Check if you have installed iTunes before running iTong. If not, please install iTunes first.
iTong will need the iOS drivers to recognize your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
Can I install apps with iTong when iTunes is running at the same time?
ITong is totally compatible with iTunes.
Can I use iTong to install apps to jailed iOS devices?
ITong supports both jailed and jailbroken iOS devices.
Is it safe to install apps using iTong?
ITong uses the same mechanism as iTunes. It’s safe, and it’s friendly.
What does the error code mean when installing apps with iTong?

Installation Failed: kAMDApplicationAlreadyInstall

This indicates there is an installed .pxl version of the same app on your device. You can uninstall the pxl app with iTong and then intall it again.
iTong will automatically convert pxl into ipa package so it’s safer to install and easier to remove.

Installation Failed: kAMDPackageExtractionFailedError

This indicates the package you installing is broken or free disk space is not enough.

Installation Failed: kAMDBundleVerificationFailedErrorr

This indicates the apps cannot be installed to your device, probably due to your device doesn’t meet the iOS requirement of the app.

Installation Failed:-402620415, -402620395, -402620392, -402620391

Please check if you are installing a cracked app. If so, make sure your device is jailbroken and installed with AppSync for iOS.

Installation Failed: -402620402

Check if you are installing pxl app which requires root permission. iTong can not convert system level pxl packages into ipa.
Why the app installed by iTong closes right after opening when I run it?
If the app you installed is a cracked ipa app, please check if you have installed Appsync for iOS on your device.
If the app you installed is an official ipa app, please be noted that iOS will check authority of every app before running them.
Only authorized apps will run smoothly, otherwise it will be closed right after opening.

For now, iTong can only reinstall apps to your device without restoring the authorization info of the apps.
If you encounter this problem, try one of below methods to restore authorization info of the apps you installed.
  • On your device, download an app(free or not) from App Store with the same iTunes account you used to buy the app which closes after opening.
  • On your PC, sync one app(free or not) that you bought with the same iTunes account to your device with iTunes.
After you tried one of these methods, authorization info will be restored to your device, so closing after opening won’t happen again when you install apps with iTong next time.
What music format can iTong import?
For now, iTong supports mp3 only.
What does iOS and LRC mean in the playlist of iTong?
iOS means the song is inbuilt with lyrics so you can see lyrics when playing it on your device.
LRC means the song is linked to the lyrics saved on PC,which can show as desktop lyrics.